The Gouache Course is Open for Registration Now! 

Class Starts August 7th 2022

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8 Week Form and Rendering Course


Work at your own pace

Learn how to create compelling paintings using form and rendering.

Form and Rendering - Painting Course
8 Week Landscape Painting Course.


Work at your own pace

Learn how to create emotionally compelling landscapes in whatever medium you are currently using! You've got this!

The Landscape Course
8 Week Gouache Painting Course.


Work with a group! 

Learn how to use gouache to create amazing pieces of art! This is an amazingly versatile medium and I can't wait to show you everything... 

The Gouache Course 2022
5 Week Anime Background Bootcamp


Work at your own pace

Learn how to create Anime backgrounds by studying the masters and learning the techniques.

The Anime Background Bootcamp - DIY
The CLARITY Workshop


Work at your own pace

Finding direction and meaning in your creative work.

The Clarity Workshop

Learn from me

All of my courses are offered in 8 session online format including topical lessons with practical exercises and feedback session on those exercises.

Once a year I do a live feedback version of the course in which a limited number of participants submits their work and receives my feedback in a live session. Everyone who audits at this time can attend these live feedback sessions AND they are recorded and added to the course library.

In addition to the course content, my team and I run Discord servers for each course. These communities are incredible and active with peer reviews, discussion boards, reference collections, product reviews and more.

When you purchase a course you are granted access to the course content and Discord servers on an ongoing basis so that you can return to the material or community any time you want. 

"Having taken other classes in addition to Justin’s now I’m even more blown away by how high quality and personal and effective Justin’s classes are. The instruction itself is SO informative and easy to absorb and actually utilize, and everything is so clear and well put together so there’s nothing getting in the way of getting inspired and learning and having a good time. my work started growing so much more rapidly than I ever imagined and a lot of my progress came out in unexpected places! I spent a long time away from making art until this year and Justin’s classes really helped me gain confidence and momentum as i got back into it. I wish every class was as good as Justin’s!"



"I've never really painted or even drew before but the moment I saw Justin's course, I knew I had to go for it. The course structure seems very versatile — each lesson could be geared towards beginners like myself as well as advanced learners, which I never knew was possible. Knowing that I'd be able to replay the lessons also gives me comfort as I need a bit more time to get a good grip of the basics. Justin's personality is also very warm and welcoming, and he is able to convey messages beyond the painting: the environment, the emotion, and the artist's character. If you're looking for someone that can make you fall in love with the art of making art... Justin Donaldson's your guy."


Rebecca Isjwara


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