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This online landscape paintingĀ course will empower you to understand all the ideas needed to paint powerful landscapes! Because we focus on the principles of landscape painting, the course is accessible to everyone whether hobbyist or professional.Ā You can also apply the concepts regardless of medium; oil, gouache, digital, or whatever you are most comfortable with will work. You could also try out a new medium with the support of this awesome community.

The ideas we explore will work for everyone!Ā 

You can take the course at your own pace OR twice a year we will work together as a group, when the date is announced the feedback seat will become available. Currently the course is self-paced, and all material is yours to keep.

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Session 1: Profound Simplicity

In this lesson we learn how to break down complex scenes into manageable paintings that are both powerful and accessible! This is the beginning of every great painting.

Session 2: Gradients

Gradients are an amazingly powerful way of communicating light and movement. They add tasteful complexity and communicate form... lets explore!

Session 3: Contrast

Contrast is king! Contrast is what allows us to control how people see our paintings - We can use it to draw attention, and to hide details. Contrast is the life of a painting and we are going to find out how!

Session 4: Perspective

Perspective is often communicated in a very confusing and dry manner, but in this lesson, we will learn how to use "Patterns in Perspective" to give LIFE to our paintings in a way that is both satisfying and intuitive.

Session 5: Lighting

In this lesson we will learn a lot about how lighting works, and how to apply it to our landscapes in order to make powerful and effective lighting choices! 

Session 6: Transitions

Its hard to learn where to put our time and attention, and so in this lesson we are learning the value of spending time focusing on "Transitions". Being able to focus on what communicates well allows us to say a lot with very few strokes! That's visual poetry! 

Session 7: Color

We have all been waiting for this... COLOR! Love it or hate it, its a huge part of the emotional appeal of a painting, so lets learn how to use color to enhance our paintings! 

Session 8: Mood

In this lesson we learn how to manipulate mood and evoke emotional reactions! 

Extra Content

Now that you have finished learning these fundamental ideas during the course, take your time to see them applied in specific locations with the following post-course lessons! 

Extra Content: Forests and Fields

Watch after the course to guide you in using these principles in specific locations - forests and fields.

Extra Content: Beaches, Streams, and Water. 

Painting water sounds like a very intimidating exercise, but we discuss how to simplify and make effective and energetic paintings by demystifying the ideas behind water. 

Extra Content: Desert, Rock, and Mountains

In this lesson we talk about the joy of painting desserts, rocks and mountains and discuss a lot of the issues and solutions required to find clarity in these environments! 

Extra Content: Experiential Painting.

In this lesson we wrap up everything we have been talking about and focus on what it means to put yourself inside the painting, focus on emotion and tactile painting! 


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