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This Self-Paced course will empower you understand all the ideas you will need in order to paint powerful landscapes! Follow along the course in your own medium, be that oil, gouache, or digital - The Ideas we explore will work for all! 

The next Cohort working their way through the course will start in JANUARY 2021.. Purchase the course now to join that cohort.

Session 0: Everything you need to know before starting the course. 

Week 0: is a 5 part series that covers a LOT of the foundational ideas that we'll need in order to paint landscapes! Start here and work at these ideas in your own medium. Once you feel like you can do things like create value shapes and gradients and the related ideas, feel free to move on. 

Session 1: Composition

In this lesson we will observe the need to understand composition. This is starting point for everything else we need in order to make powerful and effective landscape paintings! 

Session 2: Perspective

Perspective is often communicated in a very confusing and dry manner, but in this lesson we will learn how to use "Patterns in perspective" to give LIFE to our paintings in a way that is both satisfying and intuitive.

Session 3: En Plein Air

For landscape painters learning to go outside and paint is the best way to learn the subtleties that nature so often tries to teach us. Follow me outside and lets do some painting! 

Session 4: Lighting

In this Lesson we will learn a lot about how lighting works, and how to apply it to our landscapes in order to make powerful and effective lighting choices! 

Session 5: Transitions

Its hard to learn where to put our time and attention, and so in this lesson we are learning the value of spending time focusing on "Transitions". Being able to focus on what communicates well allows us to say a lot with very few strokes! That's visual poetry! 

Session 6: Color

We have all been waiting for this... COLOR! Love it or hate it, its a huge part of the emotional appeal of a painting, so lets learn how to use color to enhance our paintings! 

Session 7: Developing a painting! 

In this lesson we learn how to develop our paintings from start to end. We talk about thumbnailing, using reference, going out to do plein air painting and figuring out where to start and end our paintings! 

Session 8: Mood

Mood is a MASSIVE part of learning to create an atmosphere in our landscape work. In this lesson we hone into how we can use Value Keying, time of day, and color to create mood. 

Session 9: Fields, Forests, and Trees

In this lesson we paint fields, forests, and trees. We go out into the wild to make some observations and bring it back into the studio to discuss the problems and solutions inherit to these locations.

Session 10: Beaches, Streams, and Water. 

Painting water sounds like a very intimidating exercise, but we discuss how to simplify and make effective and energetic paintings by demystifying the ideas behind water. 

Session 11: Desert, Rock, and Mountains

In this lesson we talk about the joy of painting desserts, rocks and mountains and discuss a lot of the issues and solutions required to find clarity in these environments! 

Session 12: Experiential painting.

In this lesson we wrap up everything we have been talking about and focus on what it means to put yourself inside the painting, focus on emotion and tactile painting! 

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