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Are you eager to explore the world of oil painting but don't know where to begin?

My 8-week oil painting course will take you on a journey to become a more confident painter. With my guidance, and an inclusive online community of fellow artists, you'll be amazed at your progress over just 8 weeks. Whether your passion is capturing realistic portraits, dramatic landscapes, or vivid still lifes, this course offers everything you need to start painting.

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Session 1:  Materials + Consistency

Explore various types of paint, brushes, and surfaces you need to get started. Discover how to easily manipulate your paint to allow you to work faster and more effectively. 

Session 2: Alla Prima

Learn the frameworks underlying the Alla Prima method used by the professionals that allow you to work quickly, effectively and spontaneously.

Session 3: Edges

Discover how to control your oils to make a wide range of different edges - Allowing you to add mystery, sensitivity and focus to your work. 

Session 4: Rendering, Gradients, and Movement

Learn how to add depth, energy, and emotion to your work by using the natural language of oil paints.

Session 5: Wet in Wet

Let's dig even deeper into what it looks like to work Wet in Wet when we have lots of paint, lots of medium, and a love for textures! 

Session 6: En Plein Air + Efficiency

Working en plein air, or painting outdoors, trains you to see and capture the beauty and nuances of natural light and color. Efficiency is important to capture these changing scenes quickly, when mastered you can create stunning works of art with just a few well-placed strokes.

Session 7: Layering 

Learn how to add depth, richness, texture, and luminosity to your oil paintings by building up multiple layers of paint. We will cover a range layering techniques found within the painting tradition such as grisaille + imprimatura. 

Session 8: Master Study

Incorporate new techniques into your artwork by analyzing the master's works, and develop your understanding and your personal style.

The Oil Painting Course -Auditing

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