Form and Rendering 

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This online Form and Rendering painting course will empower you to understand all the ideas needed to paint powerfully convincing paintings! Because we focus on the foundational principles of painting, the course is accessible to everyone whether hobbyist or professional. You can apply the concepts regardless of medium; oil, gouache, digital, or whatever you are most comfortable with will work. 

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The ideas we explore are universal!


Session 1: Form First

In this lesson, we set up the foundational understandings and practices of "Form First" thinking. Most students spend a great deal of effort putting in details and still end up with flat paintings... let's change that. 

Session 2: Light and Shadow

In this session, we explore the ins and outs of applying light and shadow to our forms. Even better, Light and shadow is a language that will change the way you think about art, and enable you to work through complex problems with simple solutions... I can't wait to see how this changes the way you paint. 

Session 3: Lighting from Imagination

Now that we know about form, light, and shadow, we can dive into some ideas that will enable you to really mature the way you paint - and even let you paint from imagination with confidence! 

Session 4: Complex Forms

A lot of students get lost in painting complex forms and end up feeling stuck, and no solution in mind with how to proceed... let's talk about how to approach rendering complex forms with some simple solutions. 

Session 5: Materials

There are lots of different qualities to the things we paint... soft, hard, matte, transparent. In this lesson, we talk about how to approach painting different materials. 

Session 6: Rendering in Context

Every painting is a balance, and the surrounding context of your painting matters a lot when we are trying to create compelling and convincing art. Let's talk about it. 

Session 7: Color

In this session, we learn how to use color and reflectivity to enhance our paintings.

Session 8: Efficient Rendering

In this lesson, we learn how to take the possibly complex nature of rendering and focus on what makes it effective and powerful (not to mention creating compelling paintings faster). Are you ready?? 

Bonus content: Traditional Media

Traditional media like oils, gouache, and acrylic come with their own problems when it comes to rendering. In this bonus session we cover what kind of problems you'll be facing, and how to overcome them! 

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Students Say:

This course rocked!! Justin took some really complex concepts and not only broke them down using explanations that were easy to understand, but also using exercises that help you work through these concepts in bite-sized ways. Perspective is a huge aspect of this course - I've taken my fair share of perspective courses over the years, and Justin taught me perspective concepts that none of the other courses mentioned. I feel much more equipped to tackle rendering now having finished the course. Thanks team Justin!


This course fundamentally changed the way that I approach shape, light, colour; my art has improved so much just due to the way that I think about art differently. Justin is a wonderful teacher; informative and able to give thorough critique without making you feel bad for making a blunder in the first place. Would absolutely recommend to a friend (and have recommended to several already.)



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