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This 5 week Bootcamp will cover everything you need to start painting Anime Backgrounds.

Each week we provide pre-recorded instruction in learning from the masters of Anime Backgrounds, Color Mixing Exercises, and Tips and Tricks for painting in the style of Anime Backgrounds.

You'll also have access to a collection of thousands of anime background to study from. 

Session 1

Masters Study: A beautiful scene from the movie Only Yesterday. We apply the ideas we learn from this scene to an original painting of Rivendell. We will focus on grouping and painting wet to dry.

Color Mixing: We learn the basics of mixing color. 

Practical: How to paint individual trees in the Anime style.

Session 2

Masters Study: A classic scene from Howls Moving Castle. We apply the ideas we learn from this scene to an original painting of a Hobbit house interior. We focus on creating gradients, and making wood textures.

Color Mixing: We continue to learn to mix color. 

Practical: How to paint wood. 

Session 3

Masters Study: An intimate landscape from Princess Mononoke. We apply the ideas we learn from this scene to a painting of Crossroads. We focus on creating cool over warm, thick over thin, and finding gradients early.

Color Mixing: We continue to learn to mix color. 

Practical: Using a round brush to paint foliage.

Session 4

Masters Study: A Mix of nocturnal rock + mountain scenes. We apply the ideas we learn from these scenes to a painting of Minas Morgul. 

Color Mixing: We continue to learn to mix color. 

Practical: Painting Rocks + Cliff faces!

Session 5

Masters Study: A gorgeous pastoral scene from Tales from Earthsea. We apply the ideas we learn from this scene to a painting of Minas Tirith. We focus on creating clouds, painting fields, and pulling a piece together at the end.

Color Mixing: We continue to learn to mix color. 

Practical: Learning to charge paint in order to create soft edges.

Anime Background Study Group

You will get access to thousands of anime backgrounds in order to study, search, and learn.

Submit your work to get feedback and advice.

Over the five sessions we will have an opportunity to submit work and get video feedback as a group! 

Learn as a Group

Community is key to being able to share information, advice, and keep each other accountable! The "Anime Background Study Group" discord channel will give you the perfect community to work together with.

What Materials Will I Need?

First a word on materials. While I am going to give you a list of recommended materials, you need to understand that the materials don't make the artist. You can make amazing paintings on sub par paper, with sub par paints. So if you can't get your hands on the following materials exactly, that's ok. If you have any questions about if you can participate with what you have, send me an email at [email protected] and we can talk about it. Some past students have decided to take the course and work digitally and have created amazing works! These ideas are all transferable. 


Anime Background Bootcamp

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